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Our Company

On August 1, 2020, Prairie Technology Solutions Groups merged with SWK Technologies, Inc. Our two companies share many of the same values and operating principles, and the merger will allow us to better serve our customers through added resources and solutions in the IT and software space. To learn more about the merger, click here.

Our company was founded on the principle that all businesses and academic organizations deserve access to high quality IT consulting services at reasonable rates. We invest in the ongoing education and training of our engineers for the industry certifications that help them do the best job possible for you. What's more, they not only possess the book smarts, they've got the hands-on experience it takes to overcome the myriad of little glitches that invariably emerge during most IT projects that can lead to cost and time overruns.

We hold certifications in most of the popular technologies that have become household names in your IT department. We do an efficient job of triaging incoming support requests from all our clients on a daily basis. Our Dispatch and Support team does a great job of responding to incidents; making sure we have the right people, at the right place, at the right time. We are committed to helping you leverage your technology strategies and initiatives as a cornerstone for growing your business.

We can provide assistance in all phases of a technology initiative, from project planning and implementation to providing reliable, efficient ongoing support.

Why Prairie Technology Solutions Group?


When your company needs to look to outside resources to solve a business problem, you want to leverage the experience and know-how of a competent partner who has seen and solved similar problems faced by other organizations like yours. Prairie Technology Solutions Group brings that level of experience and business acumen into play when we work with you to envision and design solutions that business leaders like yourself seek in an effort to alleviate your most pressing business challenges. There are no surprises. We work so closely with you every step of the way that you'll start to think of us as your own staff. We deliver on our commitments to you, on time and on budget.

Solid Solutions at a Fair Price

Best-of-breed technologies from the IT industry's premier companies, experienced sales professionals and consultants, and a commitment to implementing the right solution means that your technology investment works in every area of your company. We are sensitive to the budgetary needs of our clients and always design solutions in a manner that maximizes your IT dollar. What you won't get from us is a solution that cuts corners to fit into a budget today, but might have to get discarded prematurely because someone wasn't taking your long term business goals into consideration.


Our experienced consultants have seen just about every technical problem before. Our engineers come from diverse backgrounds and have worked in numerous vertical industries and they view your technology issues in the context of a business problem. We have been involved in the design, implementation, and support of a myriad of complex technology solutions that were created to address the needs of business leaders spanning multiple vertical industries and geographies.

Our Business Partners