Data & Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disasters do happen. The tragic loss of expected business can be devastating and some companies never recover. When you can't get to your applications and data because of a disaster, you may never recover from the lost business that may now go to your competitor from that day forth. Reducing the time it takes to get your users back on line, entering orders, shipping, and invoicing, can be invaluable.

Our business resiliency services are all about rapid and reliable recovery. As part of your overall disaster preparedness strategy, Prairie Technology Solutions Group's system and data recovery services can have you back in the game quicker than you might think.

It all starts with understanding the impact of an incident to your organization. How much down time of your critical systems can you withstand? How effectively can your organization respond? How long would it take each department to resume its function? What process will you use to recover lost data? What does the unplanned downtime cost the company? By the hour? By the day? Do you have recovery and contingency plans in place? How frequently are they tested?

While you may have answered some of these questions successfully, you may also not know the answer to others. We can help you examine where your organization is at risk, and identify gaps in your current strategy that may allow disruption to your business and prevent a full recovery. Whether you need an end-to-end strategy and plan, or help with gaps in your current plan, we can help you to further fortify your business for the unexpected.

Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis

  • Define your companies requirements
  • Identify potential vulnerabilities of your business functions, systems, applications, and processes
  • Establish Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) for critical systems
  • Determine a cost impact for each issue

Recovery Strategy Development

  • Develop strategies to meet response objectives and recovery times
  • Conduct data analysis and prepare Executive Level reports

Disaster Recovery and Continuity Plan Development

  • Plan for the orderly resumption of processes and information services
  • Design work-around procedures for potential disruptions