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End-user Security Training

KnowBe4 is the market leader in this segment, they have more customers than the next two competitors combined. KnowBe4 is recognized by industry analyst Gartner, is VC-backed and is in the Top 20 training companies in the world. This new-school program is a three-step process:

  • Send out a simulated attack and create your baseline Phish-prone percentage.
  • Step all employees through on-demand, engaging awareness training through their browser.
  • Send frequent, "set-it-and-forget-it" simulated phishing attacks using an extensive library of templates. Created ‘by-admins-for-admins’; it takes a minimum of time to deploy and manage.

Unlike other security training software, KnowBe4 built its platform for IT admins that have 16 other fires to put out. The GUI is simple and you are up and running in less than an hour. A 30-minute deployment conference call will get you up and running with the product.

How Long Does the Training Take?

There are three flavors of the essential training: 45, 25 and 15 minute modules. The high quality web-based interactive training uses engaging, innovative training methodology and live demonstration videos. Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training specializes in making sure employees understand the mechanisms of spam, phishing, spear phishing, malware and social engineering, and are able to apply this knowledge in their day-to-day job.

Why use end-user security training in your company?

  • Keep security top of mind.
  • Helps meet compliance regulations
  • Immediately see which employees "get it" and who needs additional assistance
  • Reporting - visible proof that the training works

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